8411MR Silver Chrome Automatic Hand Dryer

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8411MR Silver Chrome Automatic Hand Dryer
  • Features an infrared sensor for hygienic touch-free operation
  • Ultra slim body for minimum footprint and durable stainless steel cover suitable for high-traffic facilities
  • Higher efficiency and lower energy costs - 500W motor dries hands in only 15 seconds and saves 95% cost vs. paper towels 45 seconds safety timer Intelligent heater, adjusts to ambient temperature
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Available in metallic black, silver chrome, brushed nickel, and white


Looking to save money while providing cleaner more environmentally friendly restrooms? DryBon™ has the solution!

  • One ton of paper consumes 17 trees, three cubic yards of landfill space and pollutes 20,000 gallons of water. Even before the paper towels are used, each ton has claimed 20,000 gallons of water in chemical cleansing.
  • The power consumption to dry hands is far less than the power required to produce a single paper towel
  • Average cost of paper is 3 cents per hand dry, think of how quick you can make back your money. Hand dryers can cut costs by as much as 90%, when compared to paper towels.
  • An energy-efficient hand dryer can dry one’s hands 55 times for the cost of one paper towel.
  • Hand Dryers require very little maintenance compared to paper towels, which must be replaced.
  • No one wants to touch extra restroom surfaces if they can help it. Hand dryers help with deter cross-contamination.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 8411MR
Color Silver Chrome
Capacity No
Case Weight 8.2 LBS
Case Cube 0.51
Product Weight 7.81
Metric Case Weight 3.53 KG
Metric Dimensions 34.29cm x 20.95cm x 20.32cm
Pack 1
Brand DryBon
Case Dimensions 13.5" x 8.25" x 8"
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