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For over 12 years, Janico has been the one-stop shop for commercial janitorial products used by companies around the world. We specialize in producing cleaning supplies from sponges and scour pads, to push brooms and scented sprays, and everything in between! We’ve built five unique brands for each of our product categories, each filled with high-quality commercial products for any business to use, big or small.

Janico’s reputation was built upon the principles of remaining innovative in trying times, while also holding each product that leaves our factory to high-quality standards. For improved speed and efficiency in our manufacturing and distribution processes, we have over 30 facilities located across multiple countries including the United States, employing thousands of hardworking people across the world.

Continuously improving customer and distributor relations has been our primary goal since our inception in 2005 and we believe that a large part of our success can be attributed to these efforts. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that our customers are taken care of, and we have always gone above and beyond to build and maintain sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships.

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings in the early 2000’s. What started out as a road company with a few SKUs has transformed into a leader in commercial janitorial products manufacturing. In 2016, we released our newest catalog featuring 1,000 different products. We couldn’t be prouder of the progress we have made, and our future is looking just as bright.

We are looking forward to what 2018 will bring for us, and we want to work with even more customers and distributors! If you would like to come on board and see what makes Janico so unique, contact our sales team today to discuss your goals and what we can do to help. For general questions, comments, and concerns feel free to contact us at info@janicoinc.com.

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With convenience of choice you don’t stress on quality of the products because each product is designed from quality materials and with customer in mind. With our search feature on the website you can search through tons of choices knowing there is an item for you in our inventory.

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With worldwide shipping your mind is at peace knowing that the items will be delivered to your address. No matter where you live, your order will be shipped out in timely manner and delivered right to your door, show or location that you will specify.

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Janico Inc is a leader in janitorial industry with top quality products. You are assured that you will be receiving a top quality product from our product line. Each product is inspected before shipment is completed.