Complete January Cleaning Checklist

Its way more fun to decorate for the holidays than it is to put everything away and get everything in order afterwards. Between finding places for new items you were gifted and cleaning up the never-ending pine needles and glitter, it’s a wonder anyone has time for anything else come January. Take advantage of a little bit of down time at the beginning of the year to declutter, clean, and get organized. Here is a list to help keep you organized after the holidays.

Materials Needed:

Cleaning Checklist:

  • As you put away gifts, declutter a few items from each room
  • Take down holiday decor, pack up or haul away
  • Sweep up and vacuum
  • Fix or toss broken ornaments and decorations, pack the keepers
  • Wash, fold, and put away holiday linens
  • Take down and wash all the curtains throughout the house
  • Spot clean couches and carpets
  • Change heater/air conditioner filters

Kitchen Cleaning:

  • Remove grease from your kitchen stove, cupboards and backsplash
  • Empty and clean the refrigerator thoroughly
  • Sweep and mop underneath the refrigerator
  • Clean the baseboards in the kitchen
  • Sort utensils; get rid of any that you do not use
  • Empty and organize the junk drawer