Under the Janico label are five unique brands, each showcasing a different product line best suited for specific Jan/San applications. No matter what your job is and what cleaning application you are responsible for, one of these five brands is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Scrub X™
Cleaning can be a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. For all of your scrubbing needs, our Scrub X brand is for our sponges, scourers, utility pads, and cleaning screens. Each product is quality inspected to ensure that it can hold up to hours of high-intensity scrubbing to help workers get the job done without burning through multiple sponges in a day.


Moving onto the floors, Bristles is our floor cleaning accessories line with a wide variety of products including brooms, brushes, wet mops, push brooms, and sponge mops. We use only the best materials in our bristles, sponges and handles to ensure that the products hold up for hundreds of hours of cleaning. Not only will they sweep and clean the floor, they just might sweep you off your feet as well.


Our commercial odor control line of products, ScentBon features a broad range of clean smelling products including sprays, cartridges, dispensers, and scented urinal products. We only use the freshest and purest scents while minimizing any harsh, chemical-smelling byproducts. Use them anywhere you want to smell cleaner and keep the space smelling clean for the time being. Our sprays are excellent for more portable applications to take the fresh scent wherever you go and into any room. Our cartridges and dispensers work in conjunction to keep an area smelling clean and odor-free all day, every day. Finally, our scented urinal products will keep the toilet fresh for days.

Our specific line dedicated towards our cloth and fabric products, JaniFiber has all of the products you need when it comes to shining and polishing. Featured in the product lineup are cloths, towels, wet mops, dry mop pads, wet mop pads, and cleaning wands to ensure you have the right tools for the job. Our general-purpose cloths and towels can be used for just about anything that needs to be wiped down or polished such as windows, display cases, and mirrors. The wet and dry mops are great for cleaning floors or wiping up any spills. Finally, our cleaning wands make those toughto- reach areas easy to clean quickly and efficiently. Whatever your cleaning purpose, trust these high-quality products to get the job done.

Our commercial hand dryers are high-powered and feature state of the art equipment in hand drying technologies. We offer them in a variety of beautiful finishes to match the interior design scheme of any bathroom, and we quality test each unit before it ships out of the factory. We make maintenance easy, and we offer quick communication speeds to help you with installation and completing any maintenance work as necessary throughout the dryer’s operating life.

If you would like to learn more about any of our products, take a look at our most recent catalog, and contact us for purchasing information.