Protect against Slip and Fall Injuries by following these simple steps:

✔ Clean up spills immediately. If a spill cannot be cleaned up right away, display “wet floor” warning signs.
✔ Keep walkways and hallways clear of debris and clutter.
✔ Cover cables or cords in walkways.
✔ Replace burned-out light bulbs promptly.
✔ Consider installing abrasive floor mats or replacing worn flooring.
✔ Keep filing cabinets and desk drawers closed when not in use.


    1. 1. 25,000 people are victims to slip and fall accidents per day.
    2. 2. Medical bills for slip and fall injuries top $34 billion each year.
    3. 3. Slip and fall victims miss an average of 11 days of work.
    4. 4. Slip and Falls are the number 1 cause of accidents in hotel, restaurant, and public buildings.
    5. 5. Fractures are the most serious consequence of falls and occur in 5% of all people who fall.
    6. 6. Floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year.
    7. 7. Most Slip and falls occur on wet floors.


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1-National Safety Council (NSC)
2,3-Center for Disease Control (CDC)
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