The Oxy-Gen Air freshening system

The Oxy-Gen Air freshening system uses patented Oxy-Gen Powered Technology to deliver consistent and continuous levels of fragrance and odor control for the complete life of each cartridge, creating a permanently fresh environment that has a fresh impact every time you walk into the room.

  • No harmful emissions, solvents or propellants
  • Carbon Footprint Approved Product
  • Low VOC’s are ideal for LEED building certification requirements
  • Unit can reduce the amount of VOC’s being emitted up to 90% when compared to aerosol cans
  • Refills are 100% recyclable and safe to dispose
  • Dispenser works against gravity so the fragrance oil won’t pool or leak


How it works:


The Oxy-Gen Air freshening system

  1. 1. The two AA batteries supply power to the generator
  2. 2. The fragrance pouch is squeezed using the pure oxygen from the oxygen generator
  3. 3. The liquid fragrance releases from the top
  4. 4. The cellulose pad picks up the fragrance and spreads on the pad surface
  5. 5. The airflow picks up the fragrance which spreads through the room

Multiple scents are available to prevent scent burnoutThe Oxy-Gen Air freshening system


Stylish Design and Colors:


Hassle Free Operation:

Hassle Free Oxy-Gen Air Freshener Operation

Inserting the batteries

  1. 1. Open the battery cover at the bottom of the dispenser using the key provided
  2. 2. Insert two new AA batteries and close the cover

Activating the refill

  1. 1. Pull the tab. Remove the refill seal completely. Dispose seal safely.
  2. 2. Rotate cap clockwise while pushing it down until it locks completely.
  3. 3. Rotate the locking ring anti-clockwise to the extreme right in an open position.
  4. 4. Align the front of the refill into the base of the dispenser.
  5. 5. Rotate the locking ring clockwise until it clicks to the secure refill in place.
  6. 6. Close the dispenser cover. A flashing green light indicates proper installation.