Wet Mopping 101

The art of mopping is not complicated, but choosing the right mop for your mopping application can be confusing and tedious as mopping itself. The more you understand about wet mops the more you will get out of your purchase from Janico. The information below should help you select the right mop to handle your commercial cleaning and floor care needs.


For general mopping tasks, select a mop with a higher absorbency, release and durability. If you were able to launder your mops, we would recommend a launderable mop that lasts longer. To get the best performance for the money look for synthetic blended or rayon blended mops with looped ends and tailbands.


Finishing mops are designed for applying floor finishes with minimum linting and streaking. Finish mops need very little break in. They are absorbent, picking up 3-4 times their weight in liquid with a smooth, rapid, streak free release. Look for rayon or synthetic blended mops for high absorbency and release, plus features such as a sewn tailband and looped ends for more even coverage and less potential for streaking.


Tailbands allow cut-end mops to cover more floor area per stroke with fewer gaps in coverage. Tailbands also reduce yarn tangling and snagging.


Looped end mops are more expensive initially, but end-users save more time mopping and are purchasing a more durable mop. Looped end mop heads are more durable and are less likely to unravel when used making them the best choice for heavy mopping. The loop ends create more surface area on the mop heads so they are the best choice for mopping larger areas and rooms. However, when looking for an inexpensive disposable mop then the cut end mop would be a more suitable option.


The launderability of a mop is based on the number of washing and drying cycles a mop can withstand before it begins to degrade or the performance begins to decline. Mop heads with synthetic or blended fibers have the highest level of launderability.


The absorbency of a wet mop refers to the ability of the mop to pick up and retain liquids. Higher levels of absorbency promote faster floor drying times. This in turn leads to greater productivity and overall safety. Rayon and cotton yarns have the same level of absorbency.


Release is the ability of the mop to disperse liquid onto the floor or during the wringing process. Higher levels promote a more complete wringing. This also improves the efficiency of applying cleaning solutions to the floor. Rayon and synthetic yarns provide the best release of liquids.


Mop durability is the measure of how long your mop will last or perform before needing a replacement. Rayon and blended mops have proven to be the most durable over years of testing.

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