While there may be many players in the janitorial supplies industry, only Janico stands above the rest as a dependable, and quality manufacturer. Janico has grown tremendously over the last few years, and our future is promising as well. What's our secret? It all comes down to quality, relationships, innovation, training, and pricing.

Every single product that leaves our factory floor is inspected and checked against a rigorous quality control checklist to ensure that our customers are only receiving the best product possible. We know that people rely on our products for their livelihood, and even the smallest mistake such as a torn sponge or malfunctioning sprayer bottle can cost precious working hours trying to correct the problem.

Because of our quality manufacturing processes, our customers have come to know us as one of the leading janitorial supplies manufacturers in the business, and we intend to keep striving ahead just the same.

From the distributor to the end customer, each person is treated with the care and respect that they deserve when working with Janico. We credit this in large part to our success over the last 12 years. While other manufacturers would instead turn a blind eye to their customer's complaints and concerns, we embrace them and use them to help shift our operations in some cases.

Every account is valuable no matter how big or small, and we pride ourselves on offering lightning fast response times, often in as little as 1 to 2 hours after receiving an inquiry.

Our innovation in product design and manufacturing processes has allowed us to create one of the most extensive catalogs on the market. In 2016, our catalog featured 1,000 unique products ranging across a wide variety of Jan/San applications. We have also utilized a strategic distribution network that allows us incredibly efficient turnaround times and global shipping options. We have over 30 factories across the globe with a few located in the United States to provide our customers with 24-hour turnaround time and only 7-10 days shipping time at the longest.

We hire only the best and brightest to work for Janico and all of our employees, from the ground floor of the factory to the corporate office, exhibit our company's core values. Communication with other staff and customers is essential to the success of Janico in the past and the success of the business moving forward, and we ensure that everyone has a chance to be heard.

Because of our strategic distribution centers across the globe and our innovative manufacturing processes, Janico can offer high-quality janitorial products at extremely competitive price points. We want to see our products in the hands of ordinary workers, and we design these products to help them get the job done right.

Additionally, we stand by our policy that if a product is in the catalog, we’ll have it in stock by utilizing our constant 20% rolling inventory which helps maintain higher order fill rates (98%).

If you like what you hear and would like to receive more information about Janico and the products that we have to offer, please contact us, and we'll get back to you shortly.