Winter Cleaning Tips

#1 Wash and Disinfect Garbage Cans and Wastebaskets

commercial trash cans

You’re going to be shut in all winter with these germ havens, so now’s a good time to clean them thoroughly. Take them outside where     you can blast the insides with a garden hose and then add disinfectant.

For an environmentally safe way to sterilize these nasty grime collectors, use undiluted hydrogen peroxide or vinegar mixed 50/50 with water.

Let the garbage cans sit for an hour, then pour out the contents and scrub the insides with a stiff bristle brush to remove any residue. Rinse and, if possible, let the wastebasket dry in direct sunlight, which helps eliminate bacteria.



#2 Wash and Disinfect Toilet Brush Holders

toilet brushTake the holder and the brush outside, and spray wash thoroughly with a garden hose. Immerse the holder and toilet brush in a bucket   of hot water mixed with one of these solutions:

1 part bleach to 6 parts water
2 to 3 cups of environmentally friendly washing soda crystals
A 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water

Let everything sit in the solution for a couple of hours, then rinse the holder and brush with a hose and place in direct sunlight to dry.






#3 Clean Windows

microfiber clothDirty window glass can cut daylight by 20%. That’s a lot less sunlight coming in at a time of year when you really need it.

Clean windows inside and out with a homemade non-toxic solution:
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon eco-friendly dish detergent
2 cups water
Wipe clean and polish using microfiber cloths.





#4 Clean Ceiling Fan Blades

microfiber clothThose big blades on your ceiling fan are great at moving air, but when they’re idle, they’re big dust magnets, dust settles on the top   surfaces where you can’t see it.

Out of sight maybe, but not out of mind. Try a flexible microfiber duster with a long handle that will trap dust.